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From Your Wild Coaching

I specialize in supporting women who are exploring their relationship with alcohol, as they navigate milestone events that leave them feeling stuck in a life they no longer feel aligned with.

I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients while creating a safe space. 

Coaching without shame, labels or judgement allows me to guide you to find the freedom you are seeking while building a life of your own design, instead of living a life by default.

Certifications & Education

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Certified Coach 
This Naked Mind Institute

This Naked Mind Institute (TNMI) is the official coaching certification program of This Naked Mind. TNMI coaching methodologies are grounded in learning, growth and development. 


Affective Liminal Programming presents a groundbreaking methodology that places emotions at the epicenter of behavior change. By maneuvering through the liminal space between the conscious and subconscious, it allows individuals to address the deeply-rooted emotional catalysts of their actions. ALP offers a holistic and more effective approach to change, suggesting that true transformation is an inside-out process


Bachelor of Human Kinetics (BHK)

Commerce Minor
University of British Columbia


Specializing in Sport Management, my undergraduate degree included courses in biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, motor learning, psychology, sociology, event management and commerce. 


My Story

From Your Wild Coaching was born from my personal  journey with alcohol - and the freedom I have found on the other side of it.

When I first started questioning my relationship with alcohol in 2018 - the resources I was initially directed to by my doctor felt misaligned. I needed to get off the daily treadmill of using wine to self-medicate my then-undiagnosed Generalized Anxiety Disorder, without wanting to sit in a church basement with strangers adopting the label of "alcoholic". 


After a Google search many of us are familiar with, "Am I an alcoholic?" - I came onto the work of This Naked Mind - and it changed the trajectory of my life. 

Through this community - and the daily work I have been doing since (as well as receiving appropriate medication & therapy) - I reconnected to a feeling of freedom and joy I hadn't experienced since I was a child.

That untamed, whole-hearted feeling that existed in me - before I accepted society's prescription of shame, judgement, lack of self-worth and lack of self-determination that many women have experienced at some point in their lives. 

This is how From Your Wild came to be. 

My journey took me through the transformative 1-year Path program with This Naked Mind (December 2020), and now into certified alcohol-free coaching. 

My professional life prior to coaching includes extensive experience as an executive in non-profit organizations, as well as in major international sport events including three Olympic & Paralympic Games. 

At the height of the pandemic in 2020, I moved to a small mountain town in the interior of British Columbia, Canada - where I can now work from home with mountain biking and  skiing outside my front door. Volunteerism and community engagement are important parts of my local community life, in addition to deepening  my connection and impact in the global alcohol-free community through coaching. 

I can't wait to help you discover your freedom too! 

With gratitude,

Lisa Kwiatkowski

Certified Coach, This Naked Mind Institute

Owner, From Your Wild Coaching


Statement of Integrity

I believe we all have a unique relationship with alcohol, and other substances, that may shift and evolve throughout our lives. Coaching without shame, rules or judgement allows me to meet clients where they are, while guiding them to the emotion-based and behaviour-based goals they are striving for in their own relationship with substance. Behaviour isn't who we are, it's what we do.


Integrity for me is about committing to the life-long work of becoming a 'truer' version of myself. 

Alcohol is no longer a relationship that I invite into the life of my Truest Self. I continue to do the work of deepening my relationship with Self to find ongoing safety and security there.


Freedom from this relationship has opened up a world of possibility for me, and I can't wait to help you get there too!

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